elecworks PDM link

Integration of electrical project data within PDM systems

Designed to work with generic PDM / PLM links, customization is available for advanced integration in non EPDM systems.

Elecworks™ PDM link enables EPDM to control data access, manage revision control and full documentation through new automated capabilities.

Libraries files management

Files from elecworks™ libraries (ie dwg symbols, sldprt parts) can be handled by the vault by changing the directory of those files in the application settings.

Document export

Users may define where auto-exported documents will reside. Each document type may be selected for export, or not, and may have it's own directory structure.

Available export types are:

  • Complete project archive in Zip format.
  • Dwg/dxf export of documents.
  • Pdf export of documents in single or multiple files.
  • Project reports in selectable formats.
  • SW assemblies + slddrw (2d).

Advanced export options exist for each type and include output formats (.xls, .txt, etc…) and specific document selection.

Generic PDM integration

With generic integration, users define which files he wants to export in only one direction. Example: When validating a revision of a project, saving it to a given PDM directory (archive + pdf + excel BOM…).
Target directory is managed by a PDM system. Once the export is complete the user may open the directory and do manually check-in / check-out operations in addition to other PDM features.

Basic generic integration requires 3 steps shown in the image below:

  1. Check-out files using your PDM software or context interface.
  2. Export files using elecworks PDM archive command.
  3. Check-in all updated files using your PDM software or context interface.

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM integration Option

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM integration adds automation: One click automated check-in / check-out of exported documents using SW EPDM API. No extra user action is required. All elecworks features, like multi user and real-time update/processing features, are fully operational. Only one user action is required: Pressing the Update to EPDM button. This command executes the three steps automatically:

Controlled check-out:
When exporting project files to EPDM, an automatic check-out will occur before export. This prevents overwriting by changes someone else is making.

Controlled check-in:
If check-out succeeded, as files could be in use elsewhere, documents will be exported and automatic check-in will be performed. Any new files will be added to EPDM. This permits the team to view the latest documents and support files.

Preview :
The preview tab permits users to view parts, drawings, assemblies, graphic files, office documents and videos without opening another application. Elecworks generates drawings in pdf or dwg format. With the previewer you may pan and zoom into electrical drawings or solidworks files - all without ever opening elecworks or SolidWorks.

The intelligent PDM Vault keeps a full history of operations performed on each file. You always know who has worked on which part, assembly, and project.

Data Card:
The Data Card tab displays information about each file. Parts information regarding the Vendor, Project Name, Description, Part Number, Cost, and Weight may be viewed.
Being customizable, you may also display information from elecworks such as descriptions, Part Numbers, Manufacturers or any other information from the elecworks databases.

Bill of materials:
In addition to viewing the parts that comprise an assembly, you may view multiple bill of material (BOM) types within the PDM Vault. The Vault automatically creates a BOM by evaluating an assembly. Changes in the assembly are automatically reflected in the vaults BOM. You may edit A BOM adding non-modelled items such as glue, paint, assembly instructions, and tooling.
2D components in schemes are not modelled so they are not normally managed be PDM; yet the elecworks check-in, with the PDM vault, will trigger an automatic BOM update with the new files and information.

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