elecworks Harness

Electrical Wire Harness design

elecworks™ 2012 sees the introduction of the dedicated Harness module, thanks to the unique team collaboration tools, electrical and mechanical engineers can avoid errors while streamlining their harness design by utilizing the strengths of each discipline.

Due to the transparent interface between elecworks™ and SolidWorks, the Harness manager allows users in elecworks™ 2D and/or SolidWorks 3D to create and define all aspects of projects harnesses these are realized in both programs in real time guarantying data consistency.

From the electrical projects, line diagrams and/or scheme’s, users can create, define, and associate everything required for the realization of individual or multiple harnesses; cables and conductors, wires, manufacturer parts, components; with connections being automatically absorbed to ensure error free SolidWorks harness routing.

Through elecworks™, users can apply section, gauge, signal, color and connection information for the harness wiring, this is used in SolidWorks when automatically routing the harness in 3D, the design of which can be manipulated to suit the real world environment. Flattened routes including BOM and length data can be automatically created in SolidWorks, and then added directly from SolidWorks to the elecworks™ project drawing set.

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Electrical wire harness design with elecworks™

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