archelios Pro

With Archelios PRO, size your photovoltaics projects, from projects on roof to big solar farms. Obtain the precise production of electricity, detailed losses and the economic indicators (LCOE, CGA, profitability, …).

Software for photovoltaic design and yield prediction

Archelios PRO is a professional design software, providing accurate yield simulation and economic analysis of photovoltaic projects. Archelios PRO offers all functionalities and database needed for the design of all types of photovoltaic installations, whatever their size or typology (roof plants, large ground-mounted power plants, grid connected or self-consumption).

Easy to use, archelios pro gives the world most precise production calculations, thanks to a 3D simulation of the project. Genuine decision making tool, Archelios PRO allows a complete analysis of the installation profitability. Thanks to the multi-projects comparison function, the designer can also define the best settings for an optimal installation.

 Visual, precise and accessible everywhere

Thanks to the SketchUp plug-in, Archelios PRO offers a 3D simulation of the photovoltaic installation,
as well as the architecture of the building and its environment. The designer can thus find the best layout by taking into consideration near shadings. The horizon masks are automatically calculated globally thanks to the shading SRTM data from NASA.

The detailed parameters of each component are easily accessible and editable. Offering a huge
choice of modules and inverters (more than 12.000 references of modules and more than 1.500 inverters), Archelios PRO facilitates the choice of the best equipment for an optimal yield.

Archelios PRO is an online application, accessible everywhere and allowing the projects storage in
the cloud (secured transmission by https and dedicated server with redundant backup process): thus they can be shared with your colleagues, visualised and edited at the customer’s office, on a computer or a smartphone, for a large flexibility of use.

You do not need to install anything, Archelios PRO is compatible with all internet browsers and you are sure to have the latest updated software version and databases.
If you are not connected to the internet, it is still possible to work thanks to the “offline” plug-in for Windows. You can synchronize your projects and work with the same interface as the online application. Once you have finished your work “offline”, you can transfer the project “online” to share it with your colleagues, customers or prospects.

Economic decision making tool

Archelios PRO calculates the production results in a very detailed way. Indeed, those results take into consideration losses due to multiple factors: masks, shadows, temperature elevation, aging, equipment losses, maintenance time, etc. The results of the simulation are given on hourly, monthly and yearly basis and offer a global view of the installation’s yield.

Archelios PRO provides profitability indicators. Taking into consideration the global investment cost, equipment lifetime and renewal over time, maintenance costs, banking interest rates, subsidies and finally, the rates of injected or non-consumed (self-consumption) energy. These information’s are used to build a complete financial analysis.

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